• Data show that global interest in NFTs has increased by 426 percent in a month

  • According to the Blockchain Centre’s analysis of Google Trends data, global interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) increased by 426 percent in August 2021.

    The number of Google searches for the keyword “how to buy NFT” was 19 on August 1, 2021, but it had risen to 100 by August 29, 2021. The numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for a specific location and time period. The level of interest in a search is measured in points, with 100 being the highest and 0 being the lowest.

    Indeed, the NFT market experienced unprecedented growth in 2021. Prior to 2021, only a small number of investors believed that NFTs could provide high returns. Nonetheless, the market’s trajectory shifted dramatically at the start of the year, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

    For example, how to buy NFT queries on Google have reached 100, indicating that this is the highest volume of searches in 2021 YTD for “how to buy NFT.”

    NFTs appear to be popular because their ownership and uniqueness can be proven. They can be used in a variety of applications created by a variety of artists and businesses, and they can be easily traded on secondary markets. These capabilities can be used to expand existing business models and use cases.

    When NFTs first gained popularity, numerous high-profile sales, such as LeBron James’ $208,000 NBA Top Shot video clip, a $11.7 million 3LAU album, and a $69.3 million work by digital artist Beeple, aided in their growth. Some of pop culture’s biggest names, including Jay Z and Mike Tyson, have joined the fray, as have popular YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul.

    As a result of these and other events, NFTs are becoming more popular and experiencing unprecedented growth in the market worldwide. In an earlier report, we stated that the top 15 NFT sales during Q2 2021 totaled $37.23 million, and in March, NFT sales reached a record $200 million, more than the previous 12 months combined.

    Singapore and Australia are at the forefront of this trend.

    Singapore has the highest interest in digital artworks, with a score of 100 by August 2021. Australia comes in second with a score of 86, followed by Nigeria (score of 70).

    “Despite their increasing popularity, NFTs are still unknown to the majority of the population. Investors see this as a massive opportunity for early adopters, with profits potentially exceedingly high once these digital assets become mainstream.”

    The sophistication of NFTs is increasing.

    It’s worth noting that a digital artist recently brought Rat Poison, Bitcoin Pizza, Doge To The Moon, and three other historical crypto NFTs to life through an interactive 3D world. CryptoTale has unveiled a first-of-its-kind NFT collection display that employs WebGL technology to browse digital artworks in a game-like 3D world.

    According to the creator, the release of the interactive NFT collection offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to acquire a historical piece of cryptocurrency history in a paradoxically limited but expanding virtual realm.

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