• Dash is launching a retail consumer app for use at stores across the United States

  • Dash has announced the release of DashDirect, a consumer app that allows users to spend DASH in retailers across the United States.

    Dash announced on Tuesday that the new customer-focused app will provide customers up to a 12% discount on purchases.

    Mashall Greenwald, DashDirect Founder and CEO of CrayPay, explained the rebates and discount features to us: “After you enter the precise amount of your current transaction in the app, an immediate discount of up to 12 percent is applied,” he added.

    “This allows anyone to spend Dash for ordinary purchases as easily as they would USD, but with the extra security and value of a 5% average savings thanks to Dash’s quick, low-cost transactions and DashDirect’s unique merchant network.” According to the press release, customers will be able to pay with Dash at places including Best Buy, Staples, Chipotle, and Home Depot, among others. Though the first launch of DashDirect is limited to the United States, Greenwald claims that demand for the product exists in several other nations.

    Greenwald told us, “We’ll need to expand our merchant network to include merchants in each given country, as well as offer localized currency conversion and language support.”

    Greenwald also informed us that DashDirect is non-custodial, which means users keep custody of their Dash tokens while using the program. The platform, according to the DashDirect CEO, uses Dash’s payment technology to provide low-cost, rapid payment capacity, which is necessary for crypto-based microtransactions.

    According to reports, the app would have a tipping option as well as a dashboard for users to manage their spending and savings.

    DashDirect is also a sign of Dash’s efforts to portray itself as a payment-focused cryptocurrency. Its DashPay smartphone wallet app entered the testnet phase in January.

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