• Dallas Mavericks Announce Rewards for Purchasing Merchandise with Dogecoin

  • Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has announced rewards for those who spend Dogecoin (DOGE) on merchandise.

    The team was the first in the league to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment for merchandise and tickets. Now, Cuban wants to boost DOGE sales even more by introducing incentives to the program.

    The Mavericks Cryptomania program rewards fans with cashback when they use Dogecoin to make purchases on the official Mavericks online store. The program will run from August 13 to September 20. Fans can earn a $25 e-gift card by spending at least $150 in a single transaction with Dogecoin. Within a week, the gift card will be mailed to the buyer and can only be used at the Dallas Mavericks online store. Purchases can include merchandise from the store as well as tickets to any Mavericks home game in the suites and lower levels.

    Cuban tweeted shortly after announcing the reward program that the Mavericks had completed over 20,000 Dogecoin transactions. “If you want to support one of the first big-name vendors to evangelize DOGE for purchases, as @mcuban says, it’s ready for you,” Dogecoin creator Shibtoshi Nakamoto tweeted in response to the news.

    Despite the support, Cuban has not put much money into DOGE.

    Cuban, who owns the Mavericks and co-hosts Shark Tank, has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrency on social media for quite some time. DOGE is one of Cubans’ favorite topics to discuss on Twitter, and he has even been accused of influencing the market through his tweets.

    This makes Cuban’s recent announcement all the more perplexing to many. Cuban stated that he owned less than $500 worth of doge when discussing total merchandise sales at the Mavericks store via doge. He also mentioned that the Mavericks had sold less than $15,000 in merchandise through DOGE sales as a team, which could be one of the reasons for the new cash-back program.

    When asked if he owns more DOGE than BTC, Cuban revealed the information. “The Mavs have what we sold in merch,” he replied. DOGE is worth $494 to me personally.”

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