• CSP DAO Provides VC Funding to Soldex

  • The Soldex team and community are ecstatic to announce that CSP DAO has signed a strategic investment partnership with them. CSP DAO is a community-driven organization that provides all investors with equal contribution rights. They also concentrate on investment opportunities that will usher in the next paradigm shift in the internet. CSP DAO supports exceptional project teams that are using blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift through a research-driven and rigorous bottom-up investment process.

    This philosophy is in line with Soldex’s mission to democratize and disrupt both traditional finance and Ethereum-dominated DeFi by providing an open and inclusive financial system with low gas fees and quick transaction times that is accessible to all.

    Because of the wide reach of CSP DAO’s network, there will be a good distribution of SOLX holders, which will help the SOLX token perform well on exchanges and avoid centralization in the hands of a few large holders, as is the case with many projects.

    As Soldex continues to attract world-class investors, advisors, and partners to help it achieve its mission, stay tuned for more exciting news.

    CSP DAO Information

    CSP DAO combines the best elements of decentralized finance with fundraising, offering a unique blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights, according to their mission statement to make financial systems accessible. CSP DAO has a reputation for providing early-stage funding to cutting-edge blockchain projects.

    Soldex Information

    On the Solana Blockchain, Soldex AI is a cutting-edge hybrid crypto exchange protocol. One of the reasons for the creation of Soldex AI is to have a third-generation exchange to address the issues caused by order-matching centralized exchanges and the lack of trust in current decentralized exchanges.

    Soldex AI not only creates a DEX on the Solana Blockchain, but also allows for the creation of AI trading bots to automate each trading strategy. Traders will be able to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receive the best possible results.

    Developers will be able to borrow the trading bot in the future in exchange for success commissions. Through voting rights, the community would be rewarded for furthering the development of Soldex AI.

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