• Coinbase may soon add Ethereum L2 solutions

  • Anthony Sassano, co-creator of Ethereum’s teaching resource EthHub and founder of The Daily Gwei podcast, noticed a strange announcement on Coinbase’s website.

    Coinbase extends its protocol team, with an emphasis on Ethereum’s L2 solutions.

    According to an official notice made by Mr. Sassano from the Coinbase team, American cryptocurrency heavyweight Coinbase is hiring developers to expand its Protocol Team.

    According to the official announcement by the Coinbase team shared by Mr. Sassano, American cryptocurrency heavyweight Coinbase is hiring developers to grow its Protocol Team.

    This somehow flew under the radar over the last week but Coinbase is hiring people for their Protocol team in order to support more Ethereum scaling solutions 👀 pic.twitter.com/8ckPEojNTV— Anthony Sassano 🦇🔊 (@sassal0x) August 30, 2021

    Manish Gupta, Coinbase’s EVP of Engineering, stated that integrating Ethereum (ETH) scaling solutions will be the new engineers’ primary focus.

    Following the integration of Polygon Network (MATIC), Coinbase will investigate a slew of next-generation scaling techniques, according to the announcement:

    Over time, we hope to investigate similar scaling initiatives with L2s such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and Starkware.

    The advancement of the Rosetta open source specification will also be among the tasks assigned to Coinbase’s new team members.

    Scalability is the focus of everyone’s attention.

    The agenda for Coinbase’s community grants program was then revealed. In 2021, it will emphasize developers who contribute directly to the blockchain codebase or writers of whitepapers on a variety of critical topics.

    This list’s top goals are scalability, privacy, identification, and “zero-knowledge” research.

    Projects that address core infrastructure and environmental footprints are also encouraged to apply for the Coinbase Community Grants Program 2021.

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