With these fantastic cosmetic goods, Axie Releasing has gone online for the Lunar New Year

Finally, something to brighten the day of the Axie Infinity community. Axie Releasing is now available on the Ronin network, allowing users to trade unwanted Axies for one of five rare Land products. These Axies will be able to live independently in Lucania, where players can also show off their new cosmetic items. The primary goal of the Axie Releasing feature is to balance the game economy. Since their high in mid-2021, axie prices have been progressively falling, and many players have expressed their dissatisfaction on different venues. Furthermore, the in-game breeding token, $SLP, is only $0.0181 at the time of writing, down from nearly $0.40 at its peak. As a result, more breeders are breeding and flooding the Axie market, resulting in an ever-increasing oversupply. The number of Axies for sale has already decreased significantly since yesterday’s news. Items for the Chinese New Year As the Lunar New Year approaches, the Axie community has been awaiting this decrease. This comes after an enthusiastic fan discovered 5 additional tokens being added to the Axie Infinity land item contract last week. This revelation was soon published on Twitter by the fan, which has piqued the interest of global admirers. Take a look at these five cosmetic items: Assorted Firecrackers: 35% chance (Common) Traditional Snack Box: 35% chance (Common) Blossom Tree: 20% chance (Common) Lucky Lantern: 9% chance (Rare) Crimson Tiger: 1% chance (Rare) Furthermore, all participants will be immediately placed into a lottery. Each Axie released will create 1 raffle ticket, with the chance to win one of the following prizes: 1 winner will receive 5 Axie Origin Coin (AOC) tokens. Kitsune Mystic Land Item, Kitsune Mystic Land Item, Kitsune Mystic Land Item, Kitsune CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon Epic Land Items for the First 100 Winners The Axie crew also stated…

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The Epic Video Contest Returns to the Decentraland Film Club

The largest film club in the metaverse has returned for an unusual high-stakes motion picture competition, calling all aspiring directors, actors, and editors. Decentraland will present a big competition of skill, innovation, and resourcefulness. From now until February 4 at 00:00 UTC, all comers are challenged to create the best Decentraland video of all time. So, enter the editing room and create a short video showing the best of what the metaverse has to offer. The conditions are simple: the film must be family-friendly, less than 30 seconds long, and incorporate footage from Decentraland. The rest is up to your imagination; make a sleek advertisement for a favorite venue, film noir it up in one of the seedier districts, or go strange David Lynch-style and make an arty work that only the clever understand. Just keep in mind that you must obtain permission to use any copyrighted images or music. Shoot a video of what you love about Decentraland for a chance to win LAND, MANA, and Wearables! Post your video on twitter with the hashtag #DCLfilmclub From 14TH JAN – 4th FEB Lets see you get creative! For more info check out the latest blog post.https://t.co/xBHgT35Akj pic.twitter.com/gbQDwyB2vr — Decentraland (@decentraland) January 14, 2022 To participate, first produce the finest 30 second feature the world has ever seen, and then tweet it using the hashtag #DCLfilmclub. The rest is up to the community, a generation’s sharpest critics. The first place winner will receive a plot of land plus 600 $MANA, while the remaining 9 runner-ups will receive ever-decreasing increments of $MANA and wearable gifts. Following the contest, the finest videos will be shown during Decentraland’s fantastic 2nd birthday gala on February 20. So, break out your clapper board and megaphone and start directing!

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The NFT Worlds Scavenger Hunt Reward is in the neighborhood of $90,000 USD

The NFT Worlds is holding a scavenger hunt to highlight its platform! If you’re up for it, you must find the twelve words of a mnemonic seed phrase. Obtaining the correct ones will grant you access to a wallet containing 3 ETH and 500,000 $WRLD tokens, having a combined value of $90,000! The scavenger hunt was established in a custom NFT World by the crew, and the adventure is now well underway. To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, you must first install Minecraft Java Edition (versions 1.17 to 1.18.1 are all compatible).Navigate to “Multiplayer,” then “Direct Connection,” and then hunt.nftworlds.com. The Scavenger Hunt at NFT Worlds There are five instances of the scavenger hunt world, each with a capacity of roughly 300 players. Players can effortlessly switch between instances to visit friends and teammates. When you’re in the game, you can change instances by typing “/server HuntX” (replace the X with the instance number you want to join) into the console. Twelve puzzles are scattered over the world as an ode to the tradition of other blockchain-based puzzles. The level of difficulty will rise as you progress. As a result, the first problems are simpler to complete than the later ones. Each challenge reveals one of the twelve words that make up the mnemonic seed phrase. The riddles are arranged in the same order as the words in the phrase. The mechanics are advantageous in that teams have a fighting chance of catching up to leading teams. There’s a notion, for example, that some teams are already working on the eighth puzzle. Because the difficulty level is progressive, other teams can benefit from a break to close the gap. Furthermore, it is possible that their answers are incorrect.

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