• Cade Cunningham, an NBA player, has signed an exclusive partnership with BlockFi

  • The recent exclusive multi-year partnership between financial services company BlockFi and NBA star Cade Cunningham has strengthened the ties between crypto and the sports industry even further. The professional basketball player has agreed to participate in exclusive interviews and educational videos in exchange for bonuses paid in Bitcoin (BTC/USD) from BlockFi.

    According to a recent press release, the 19-year-old sports star will educate NBA fans about digital currencies, their value, and other topics. He will also take part in interviews, videos, and promotional giveaways.

    As previously stated, Cunningham will receive a signing bonus for accepting the deal, though the amount agreed upon by BlockFi has not been disclosed. What is known is that the bonus will be paid entirely in Bitcoin, which will be deposited directly into his account.

    Cade Cunningham expresses his enthusiasm for the opportunity.

    Cade Cunningham is the most recent major name in sports to go crypto, and he believes that digital assets are becoming an increasingly important part of the financial system. His collaboration with the financial services firm will be significant not only for him as a long-term investor, but also for the global cryptocurrency community. Not to mention his fans and NBA fans in general from all over the world.

    Furthermore, by utilizing the company’s services, he will be able to diversify his portfolio and manage his crypto assets more easily. As he stated, BlockFi is becoming more important than ever in personal finance. The company is now in a position to assist countless communities across the United States, as well as the entire world, full of hardworking people who continue to lack access to cost-effective, dependable options for saving and investing their money.

    Meanwhile, BlockFi CEO and co-founder Zac Prince praised the young athlete as an NBA star, emphasizing that people like him have a great opportunity to help guide society to a better understanding of the potential that the cryptocurrency industry has to offer.

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