• C98 is likely to rise to $6 in a matter of hours

  • Price analysis of Coin98: A General Price Overview

    The Coin98 price analysis chart from yesterday was generally optimistic. The sellers were in charge of the market at the start of today’s price analysis chart, resulting in bearish momentum. The price swung up and down within an ascending triangle pattern after a spike in the overbought state.

    By entering and causing a price increase in a rising wedge, the bulls stopped the bears from seizing control of the market. The sellers had to outnumber the buying in order to achieve an intraday high of $5.1, where it faced resistance. The sellers recovered control of the situation and drove down prices.

    The overall cryptocurrency heat map is positive, with only a few altcoins bleeding out, and the majority of the map is green. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $49.3K, up barely 0.7 percent over yesterday’s price. It continues to dominate the market, with a 45.5 percent share.

    ETH, the second most valuable coin in history, has also dropped by less than 1% and is now worth $32K. Binance Coin (BNB) has gained 0.5 percent and is now trading at $489.

    The majority of cryptocurrencies have increased in value. Coin98, on the other hand, has dropped 3 percent from yesterday’s rice price of $5.2 to $4.9. Today, NEAR is the most bullish, with a 7% increase in value.

    Coin98 price trend over the last 24 hours: Is Coin98 in the red?

    Coin98’s price has remained pretty stable over the last day, oscillating within a narrow range of $4.8 and $5.2. Early in the day, the currency was plummeting until the bulls reclaimed control of the market. When it comes to writing, buyers continue to dominate the market, and most indicators point to a probable bull run.

    Analysis of the Coin98 price: 4-hour chart: Is Coin98 about to break $6?

    The RSI is in the neutral zone, with a potential move into the overbought zone, indicating that the following few hours will be bullish.

    When writing the balance of power, the indicator stands at -1, indicating that buyers outnumber sellers. In today’s chart, there is another indicator indicating a positive market, and the price of C98 may soon rise to $6.

    1-hour price analysis chart for Coin98: Bullish signal

    The Bollinger Bands are an important indicator of whether the market is going to rise or decline. At the moment, the price is close to the upper band, indicating an increase. The MACD line has crossed above the red line, indicating that buyers are in charge and that the price will increase further.

    Analysis of the Coin98 price:

    Our daily technical analysis is bullish, and we anticipate that this will continue for the next 24 hours. The majority of technical indicators are indicating probable bullish indications. If bulls continue to dominate the market, C98 will be worth $6 in the following several hours.

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