• Break the Bars – Decentraland’s First-Ever Film Premiere

  • Decentraland, the cutting-edge metaverse, will roll out the red carpet for the first-ever movie premiere in the virtual realm. They’ll be screening “Break the Bars,” a spoken word offering from pioneering director David Bianchi, alongside MakersPlace.

    Decentraland will screen a genuine movie premiere, a first for the virtual frontier, setting the precedent for others to follow. The event will begin with a live Q&A with director David Bianchi, followed by the screening of the film. Interested moviegoers can also follow the action live in Decentraland or via Discord.

    Break the Bars is a gritty exploration of inner-city youth and the trials they face on a daily basis, promising to be a raw and passionate critique of suburban society. The feature will run for 24 hours after it is activated, allowing latecomers to join in on the fun.

    The event’s attendees will have the chance to win an exclusive limited-edition NFT from the drop. The best-dressed moviegoer at the cinematic celebration will be rewarded with a Twitter giveaway. The film will be released on the MakersPlace marketplace on September 24 after a screening on September 23 at 5 p.m. PT at the MakersPlace gallery in Decentraland’s Voltaire district. Everyone who attends will receive a free personalized POAP.

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