• Blockster | Enjin (ENJ) – NFT Rewards for Early Adopters – Business Partnerships

  • Blockster, a freshly created social network for blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, is powered by the BXR token.

    The newly created social network recently announced a collaboration with the prominent NFT platform Enjin (ENJ). The collaboration aims to assist Blockster in rewarding early users of its social network with NFTs.

    According to a press release obtained by Altcoin Buzz, the collaboration will enable Blockster to provide over 400,000 NFTs to its early users. This is consistent with the proposed public testnet launch of the social network. Blockster, as previously said, is a social network devoted only to blockchain and cryptocurrency groups.

    Enjin’s JumpNet – Free Blockster Minting

    The collaboration with Enjin (ENJ) will also help Blockster retain an environmentally responsible image. This is due to the fact that all 400,000 NFT will be distributed via Enjin’s popular gas-free and carbon-zero blockchain JumpNet. The minting process will be gas-free and thus free. This is an impressive accomplishment because minting the same number of NFTs on the popular blockchain platform Ethereum would cost almost $3 million in gas expenses.

    According to the press release, more than 380,000 people have signed up for Blockster’s waitlist. As a result, these individuals are qualified to earn the Blockster NFT prize. Interested parties can also register here to be added to the queue and enter the giveaway.

    Deon Moh, CMO of Enjin, commented on the announcement, saying that the entire Enjin ecosystem was ecstatic at the prospect of working with Blockster. Enjin also expressed excitement over the debut of Blockster’s “[…] NFTs on JumpNet.” “Gas-free NFT transactions are opening new avenues for community building and engagement,” he adds.

    Exclusive Blockster Giveaway

    Along with the agreement, Blockster has disclosed that it is planning to organize an exclusive giveaway. The giveaway will consist of five (5) NFTs backed by fifty (50) ENJ tokens. Every participant will be entered into a random raffle draw for a chance to win one of these limited edition NFTs.

    Lidia Yadlos, co-founder and CMO of Blockster, praised the collaboration with Enjin as well. “We are pleased to offer the first set of Blockster NFTs in honor of this major milestone, and to provide our community with first-hand experience with NFTs,” the company said.

    Blockster also intends to develop an NFT marketplace in the near future, according to Yadlos. For the time being, the collaboration with Enjin will assist Blockster in rewarding its early user base.

    Blockster intends to launch a new strategy centered on community development and rewarding active members. Enjin NFT technology also contributes to the easy implementation of this truly revolutionary strategy.

    This July, the social network launched its exclusive testnet for the first time. Since then, the platform has actively accepted new users from its queue. Blockster intends to become the “official space for the blockchain industry,” according to the news release.

    ENJ was trading at $1.97 at the time of publication, with a market size of $1,839,240,346 and a 24-hour trading volume of $473,293,137. In the previous 24 hours, the token price has fallen by -5.4 percent.

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