• Bitcoin Is a Fundamental Technological Transformation, According to Marc Andreessen

  • The co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz believes that digital assets are a technological transformation that is rapidly spreading around the world.

    Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, described cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a financial revolution. He also lauded bitcoin, claiming that it is more than just a digital asset, but also a network that provides investors with a plethora of options.

    Cryptocurrencies Have the Potential to Foster Trusted Relationships

    During an interview with Bloomberg, American entrepreneur Marc Andreessen explained why digital assets are a long-term investment option. He stated that one of their main characteristics is their ability to “form trusty relationships in an untrustworthy environment.” He went on to say that virtual currencies are a “fundamental technological transformation:”

    “We see it as a fundamental technological shift. As a result, a fundamental breakthrough has occurred. So it is the ability of many people and software on the Internet to form trusting relationships in an untrustworthy environment.”

    According to Andreessen Horowitz’s co-founder, the asset class may be confusing for investors. According to him, it is similar to “the parable of the blind man and the elephant,” which is one of the reasons why some people become distracted and carried away. Nonetheless, he stated that cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology outperform fiat money.

    “Many of the brightest minds in computer science are gravitating toward this field, and they are propelling it forward at a breakneck pace,” he added.

    Andreessen also mentioned bitcoin, describing it as “an internet computer spread out across hundreds and thousands of physical computers all over the world.” It is a decentralized transaction processing system that can perform financial operations other than money exchange.

    Following that, he stated that keeping Bitcoin’s creator’s identity hidden is “one of the most amazing things.” The top executive noted that the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto knew from the start how significant this move would be and called it “double amazing” that he/she/they could keep it hidden all this time.

    Andreessen Horowitz is planning to launch a $2.2 billion cryptocurrency fund.

    Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, recently announced its intention to launch a $2.2 billion fund to support the digital asset industry. The funds will be distributed among blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups, according to the company’s plans. Katie Haun and Chris Dixon, the leaders of the organization’s virtual assets arm, made the following comments:

    “The size of this fund reflects the magnitude of the opportunity before us: crypto is not only the future of finance but, like the internet in its early days, has the potential to transform all aspects of our lives.”

    In addition, a16z had hired a slew of new employees for the project, including former Securities and Exchange Commission Director Bill Hinman.

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