• Bitcoin (BTC) reaches a market capitalization of $900 billion

  • There is never a day when Bitcoin (BTC) is not mentioned in the crypto industry news. Whether it is direct news or indirect news, BTC is always mentioned. As the undisputed ruler of the crypto industry and the number one cryptocurrency, the hype surrounding it is always high. As a result, BTC is now accumulating to new highs, significantly expanding its portfolio of records.

    Market capitalization of $900 billion

    It obviously rules the market cap because it is the largest digital asset in all terms. Apart from simply being the best, BTC strives to improve in a variety of areas in order to maintain its position.

    Despite this, in the last 24 hours from the time of writing, BTC has reached an overall market cap of $900 billion! The fact that it has consistently remained above $900 billion is also noteworthy. As a result, it appears that BTC’s levels have risen one step higher.

    Furthermore, over the last week, BTC has increased by 4% overall, with its price hovering around $48K. Furthermore, BTC circulation peaked on September 15 for the first time in six weeks.

    Furthermore, the market chain analysis firm Santiment claims that the increase in market cap is due to an increase in the number of altcoins and tokens migrating to the BTC network. True, this is the reason, as the price of BTC remains below $50,000.

    As a result, Santiment depicts that more tokens are on the BTC network, resulting in a high token circulation.

    Regards, Bitcoin Holders

    Aside from that, the numerous BTC holders play an important role in this high time for BTC. Many investments and acquisitions of BTC have occurred in the recent period.

    According to a zealous Bitcoin holder, he purchased so many coins in the last week that his total holdings now exceed 60,000 coins.

    Furthermore, the legendary BTC backer, MicroStrategy, has added approximately 5050 BTC to its previous holdings.

    Despite the fact that BTC is experiencing increased volatility, investors and renowned holders continue to invest.

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