• Bit Digital, A Bitcoin Miner, Is Opening A Second Office In Miami

  • Bit Digital, a bitcoin miner, has announced that it will open its second U.S. site in Miami Beach.

    Bit Digital’s existing U.S. management team will administer and oversee the new office. Bit Digital, based in New York City, has one of the highest hash rates among all Bitcoin miners listed in the United States.

    Choosing Miami as a destination

    According to Bit Digital’s Chief Strategy Officer Sam Tabar, the company spent more time in Miami this year. He claimed it seemed sensible to create a permanent presence in the area after this experience. He explained that by doing so, they will be able to profit from being “close to valued partners and prospects.”

    Miami Mayor Francis Suarez also made a gift, according to Bit Digital CEO Bryan Bullett. Miami was becoming a “leading hub in the crypto ecosystem” as a result of his “forward-thinking endeavor.”

    In Miami, Suarez is fighting for cryptocurrency.

    Suarez has long been a proponent of cryptocurrencies, but he just lately began acting on behalf of the city. The City of Miami commission officially supported his resolution to implement bitcoin in February. Employees may be paid a portion of their income in bitcoin, and residents might use it to pay fees and taxes, according to the approved proposal.

    Suarez recently declared that Bitcoin miners who are now facing persecution in China are welcome to come to Miami. He also emphasized Miami’s low-cost nuclear energy as a compelling cause to relocate to the city and surrounding area. Suarez stated that he was in discussions with Florida Power & Light Company to lower prices even further. Despite the fact that it is not from China, it appears to have attracted Bit Digital.

    Apart from the mayor’s initiatives, cryptocurrencies have recently received a lot of attention in Miami. The largest bitcoin conference to date took place in Miami earlier this month. In addition, the most expensive real estate transaction ever to be completed exclusively with cryptocurrency occurred in Miami lately.

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