• At the Orbstellar Exhibition, you can design your own NFT galaxy

  • Xcept, a Hong Kong multimedia company, has organized a space-themed NFT extravaganza in which you can create your own NFT galaxy and big bang event. Never before has space been so close and personal.

    Xcept has created the Orbstellar installation for the benefit of space fans and galactically inspired individuals. The exhibition, which is taking place at the 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui, promises awe and wonder to all who enter. The exhibition is open to the public until August 28.

    The Orbstellar installation transports you on an epic galactic journey. Make your way cautiously through the mysterious space tunnel, marveling at the shuttle inside. After you’ve finished learning about space travel, you can create your own galaxy by scanning the QR code provided. Allow your imagination to run wild as you choose the color and design of your choice.

    Following that, the design is uploaded and projected for you to see the beauty of your creation. The galaxy is then saved to an NFT wallet and kept indefinitely. Furthermore, purchasing an additional “space coin” results in the NFT being uploaded to Orbstellar’s very own NFT platform, where it is then visible to all.

    Tickets for the installation are currently on sale for HK$68.

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