• As the federal election approaches, a Canadian politician declares his support for Bitcoin

  • Maxime Bernier, the founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada, has stated that he supports the use of cryptocurrencies in Canada.

    In a Sept. 14 tweet, Bernier claimed that cryptocurrencies were “another new and innovative way” to counteract central banks’ actions, which he claimed were “destroying our money and economy.” The Canadian politician has chastised the Bank of Canada for “printing money” and criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s economic policies.

    Bernier, a former cabinet minister known as Mad Max by some, has been outspoken in his criticism of vaccine mandates in Canada at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases in the country continues to rise. He has also advocated for the repeal of lockdowns and mask mandates, as well as the implementation of a vaccine passport system.

    The politician’s remarks come ahead of a federal election in Canada scheduled for September 20, with the People’s Party currently holding no seats in the country’s legislature. Though many right-wing politicians around the world have taken pro-crypto stances as part of their campaigns or policies once in office, the role of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto appears to be a multi-party issue.

    Canada has frequently paved the way for numerous initiatives in the cryptocurrency space. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is Russian-Canadian, and investment firms have successfully launched cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds, despite the fact that US regulators have yet to make a decision on the investment vehicle.

    However, many Canadian lawmakers, including Trudeau, have remained largely silent on the potential role of cryptocurrencies in the Canadian economy. Kyle Kemper, Trudeau’s half brother, is an outspoken Dogecoin (DOGE) enthusiast who was once paid by the Canadian government to speak at a blockchain conference.

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