• Anonymous declares war on China, while Elon Musk introduces a new cryptocurrency

  • Anonymous has returned! They’re bringing a new token with them this time.

    The infamous hacking group Anonymous, dubbed Anon Inu, is in the news today after announcing its intention to use its new token to “fight a war against China and Elon Musk.” Even though the two appear to be a strange rivalry, Anonymous has its own motivations.

    Anon Inu, China, and Musk

    Anonymous began a recently released video by discussing China’s increasing crackdown on Bitcoin mining. The Chinese government’s “sudden switch” on mining was not only startling but also bloody for the Bitcoin market. According to Anonymous, the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] was deliberately trying to limit competition for its soon-to-be-launched Digital Yuan.

    Until the aforementioned crackdown, China was home to a considerable portion of Bitcoin hash power. It became a mining sanctuary due to the low cost of power and favorable climatic conditions in specific districts. Unfortunately, the closure of mining factories has led to many people selling their Bitcoins to fund the costs of moving out of the country. As a result of the miners’ stress, the Bitcoin market saw selling pressure, resulting in a price drop across the crypto market.

    Miners were driven to Kazakhstan and Texas in the United States, among other places, after mining hubs in China were shut down.

    However, Anonymous did not stop there, claiming that the current pressure on the cryptocurrency market is simply transitory. As scarcity sets in, the impact of continued over-the-counter [OTC] sales will be reflected on the price soon, it added. Meanwhile, the current consolidation might be seen as a blip and a “good indication,” according to the group.

    “This is a bullish indicator for the market, and it’s why many cryptocurrency analysts forecast a rally by the end of July and August.”

    Apart from China, Anonymous made no mention of conducting a war against Elon Musk, but it appears that the #Dogefather may be set to meet his equal in this so-called “meme-war” against “Anon Inu token.”

    “Because we feel that crypto is about to take off, we’ve developed the ‘Anon Inu token.’ This is a brand new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community coin with some built-in features.”

    Meanwhile, Anon Inu tokens are available to Anonymous supporters, who have also been promised free airdropped tokens, NFTs, and other incentives. As a result, it looks that Anonymous is prepared to take advantage of the present market excitement to form a new community to battle China while also conducting a meme-war in the United States.

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