• Alphonso Davies, a football star, will launch an NFT on the Binance NFT Marketplace

  • Binance recently announced an appealing NFT launch on its NFT marketplace, which will undoubtedly help it attract Alphonso Davies fans. The new NFT collection is called Mystery Box Collection, and it will be available on 2021-08-11 at 11:00 AM (UTC).

    This launch could be another strategic milestone for Binance’s NFT marketplace in its quest to become the first choice for NFT enthusiasts. The cryptocurrency exchange stated on Twitter:

    “#Binance NFT Marketplace Announces the ‘Alphonso Davies’ NFT Collection: Win a Golden Ticket to Meet @AlphonsoDavies & Exclusive Physical Merchandise!”

    Getting Football Fans to Visit the NFT Marketplace

    The NFT sector is one of the best ways to bring mainstream users into the crypto world. They come across some interesting digital or physical elements to purchase in marketplaces and become acquainted with the technology. In other words, NFT could serve as a bridge for mainstream tech users to enter the crypto world. Because they must have some cryptocurrency in order to purchase NFT products, and this forces them to join networks and become members of decentralized or centralized exchanges.

    In the crypto world, there are numerous platforms that provide NFT marketplace features. As a result, major players such as Binance have joined the movement and launched their own marketplaces. Binance NFT Marketplace debuted a few months ago and has made significant progress by providing valuable NFT collections. The launch of an NFT collection by Bayern Munich football star Alphonso Davies is the most recent news for this market. On 2021-08-11 at 11:00 AM, he intends to launch a collection called Mystery Box Collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace (UTC).

    The Alphonso Davies collection, according to the Binance announcement, will provide an exclusive real-life experience and will not be limited to digital productions. This collection includes three designs: platinum, gold, and silver. The Platinum NFT is limited to one buyer who collects it. It includes a golden ticket to meet Alfonso Davies in person, a video animation, and a signed UEFA Champions League shirt for the buyer. The Gold NFT will be available to the first four buyers, and all Silver NFT buyers will receive a reward in the form of an exclusive NFT video animation. Binance claims that:

    “The collection includes three distinct designs created by renowned US-based illustrator Jack Perkins, who was assisted in his creative process by Davies’ social followers. The social campaign lasted four weeks and invited fans to vote on every aspect of the design, from headwear to sneakers that would complete the look.”

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