• Al Kelly, CEO of Visa, says the company is “in the middle” of the cryptocurrency revolution

  • Alfred Kelly, CEO and Chairman of Visa, the world’s largest card payment system, is bullish on cryptocurrencies yet again.

    “in the thick of it”

    Mr. Kelly appeared on the Leadership Next podcast with Fortune CEO Alan Murray to discuss a variety of topics, including cryptocurrencies and their role in the modern financial system.

    According to Digest Time’s transcription of the interview, the Visa CEO wants to see his company “in the middle” of the next-generation financial system, regardless of crypto’s role in it:

    I’m not sure how far cryptocurrencies will be able to travel. Let’s say it’s a fad in five years and no big deal. Will it be well-liked, or will it be extremely popular? I’m not smart enough to know, but I’m smart enough to make sure our company is right in the middle of it right now.

    Mr. Kelly stated that cryptocurrency has the potential to become “big business,” and Visa is fully prepared for this stage of cryptocurrency adoption.

    He also sees the CBDC concept having enormous potential. Digital currencies backed by central banks, he believes, have the potential to become powerful payment vehicles.

    Visa is on its way to embracing cryptocurrency.

    Among the “classic” fintech heavyweights, Visa’s crypto adoption strategy is the most aggressive. Its team is devoted to incorporating all of the industry’s hottest trends.

    Visa recently purchased a $150,000 NFT from the CryptoPunks series, as previously reported by ULTCOIN365. Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of crypto, stressed that this is just the beginning for his team.

    Mr. Sheffield also predicts that crypto public addresses will become as common as email addresses.

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