• Africa’s Pride, SAFCOIN, enters the Global Crypto Stage

  • SAFCOIN, Africa’s first Proof of Work (POW) coin, which was initially available only to South African buyers in 2018, is now available globally thanks to its listing on HotBit, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms.

    The list date is set for next week, September 8/9, 2021.

    The HotBit listing, as the first local cryptocurrency to be offered to the global market – and with only 10 million coins available and 8.7 million already circulating – gives international investors the opportunity to own a native African cryptocurrency that is driven by a core purpose: to make investing in cryptocurrency easy, accessible, and understandable for everyone in Africa.

    The Journey to the World Stage

    In three years, SAFCOIN has accomplished numerous firsts for the South African crypto market.

    Among the highlights are:


    FHM (Pty) Ltd, a blockchain company, launches an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for 500,000 SAFCOIN tokens. The ICO was only open to South Africans, giving them a chance to invest in a new currency after missing out on numerous ICOs when the electronic money rush began in 2010.

    Launches a custom, decentralized blockchain mainnet based on the Scrypt algorithm, as well as the centralized SAFCOIN Exchange and SAFCOIN Wallets for Android and iOS.

    The Safcoin blockchain went live on December 12th.


    SA’s first “plug-and-play” SAFCOIN mining opportunity is launched, allowing new, small, and start-up miners to earn a passive monthly income by mining SAFCOIN. The initiative allows anyone to start a mining business – no prior experience or expensive hardware required.

    SAFPay, a secure payment gateway, is launched, allowing for transactions with very low – or no – transaction fees and no middleman.

    SAFCOIN has been invited by the Western Cape Government to discuss the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency and exchanges in South Africa.


    Nigeria and Uganda are added to the list of countries.

    MobiJobs, Africa’s first blockchain-powered microjobs platform, is launched, connecting businesses and gig economy workers across the continent.

    SAFCOIN pool mining program is launched.


    Launches Cryptovalley, an e-commerce platform powered by SAFCOIN and SAFPAY that enables small businesses to sell and pay for goods with cryptocurrency.

    With HotBit’s debut, HotBit becomes the first locally founded digital currency to be listed internationally.

    The Pride of Africa

    Neil Ferreira, CEO of SAFCOIN, states:

    “SAFCOIN is truly Africa’s pride. It has been incredible to see our vision come to fruition, and it continues to grow from strength to strength, connecting and empowering more Africans across the continent every day.”

    He claims that SAFCOIN was never intended to be “just another cryptocurrency,” but rather to demystify cryptocurrency for the average person and provide him with tools and resources to participate in the digital currency revolution. The ultimate goal was for SAFCOIN to become a widely and globally accepted form of payment, boosting African trade and simplifying cross-border payment processes. Nothing appears to be able to halt SAFCOIN’s growth and impact now that it has been listed on HotBit.

    According to Ferreira:

    “There is much more to cryptocurrencies than simply profiting from them. Individuals can be empowered, marketplaces can be opened, cross-border trade can be facilitated, and social and economic growth can be accelerated. This is why SAFCOIN was developed: to assist people while also empowering them to assist themselves.”

    SAFCOIN Information

    The SAFCOIN project, founded in 2018 by Neil and Michela Ferreira, along with Tony Ferreira, is a trailblazing venture designed to meet the increased demand for broad-based digitisation on the African frontier. SAFCOIN is more than just a cryptocurrency; it contains an extensive network of functions that are all linked under the SAFCOIN umbrella.

    Aside from being the continent’s first Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency, the SAFCOIN eco-system has been designed to accelerate Africa’s small-to-medium-sized businesses and freelance participation in the global economy.

    10,000,000 total supply

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