• Advocates for blockchain technology are putting together a toolkit for Massachusetts legislators

  • The Massachusetts Chamber of Digital Commerce has partnered with blockchain advocates to release a Massachusetts Edition of the Legislator’s Toolkit for Blockchain Technology.

    The toolkit is being developed in collaboration with the Boston Blockchain Association (BBA) and the blockchain trade association. It is intended to provide guidance to Massachusetts legislators in order to assist in the creation of a favorable regulatory environment in the Commonwealth.

    The Massachusetts Edition includes five specific legislative recommendations in addition to various legislative principles, proposals, and concepts. Establishing a State Blockchain Working Group, establishing legal/regulatory sandboxes, and standardizing tax obligations are just a few of them.

    According to the association, blockchain technology is increasingly being used in a variety of applications and industries. As a result, it is quickly emerging as a key emerging sector in Massachusetts’ burgeoning tech industry.

    In Boston, there is a blockchain.

    Media Shower is a media and communications firm based in Boston that has previously promoted blockchain literacy in the region. The public relations firm has previously developed blockchain education sessions for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and state government officials. The Boston Blockchain Association has also been actively involved with Media Shower. The mission of BBA is to create the necessary ecosystem for Greater Boston to become a blockchain hub.

    Media Shower Executive Consultant Evan Karnoupakis was inspired by the Toolkit’s Texas Edition and saw its potential in Massachusetts. In a book he co-authored with Media Shower CEO and BBA Founding Member John Hargrave, Karnoupakis mentioned the Chamber’s Toolkit. He also expected the BBA to back the document in the same way that the Texas Blockchain Council did (TBC). Karnoupakis was also put in touch with TBC President and Founder Lee Bratcher, who shared his thoughts on working with the Chamber to develop the Texas Edition.

    Meanwhile, Massachusetts has begun the process of enacting blockchain legislation. Senate Bill 200 and House Bill 126 aim to create commissions to study technology and encourage its spread, while House Bill 3763 proposes a blockchain-based voting pilot.

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