• According to Stellar’s CEO, blockchain technology is infrastructure

  • According to Denelle Dixon, CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the development and growth of Stellar, blockchain technology is infrastructure.

    This comes amid ongoing discussions between the blockchain industry and the United States Congress. Dixon believes there is still hope that regulatory legislation would result in a mutually advantageous decision.

    According to sources, the conversation began after a $28 billion crypto tax reporting plan unexpectedly entered the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID).

    Furthermore, the BID terminology put blockchain-based businesses in the dark. Notably, those who believe in its value beyond cryptocurrency trading. However, Dixon stated that the success of these enterprises is dependent on the infrastructure of the United States. Starting with electricity and the internet and progressing to airports and motorways. “Their revenues are taxed and utilized to fund that underlying infrastructure, at least in part,” she continued.

    In addition, Denelle Dixon stated,

    To be clear, blockchain technology IS infrastructure, not merely a revenue stream to support it. We must refocus on the use cases and economic opportunities that it enables. If policy allows for continued innovation, the possibilities are endless.

    In addition, the CEO emphasized the blockchain environment. She stated that cryptocurrency trading is simply one of many applications for the technology.

    She went on to say that technology, like the roads and trains in the United States, is the infrastructure that creates opportunities for increased efficiency and connectedness to solve serious real-world problems.

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